Branding, Art Direction, Strategy, Photography
*Recipient of the International Silver Award for Branding from Graphis New Talent Annual

Overview + Strategy:
Winc is the only online wine-subscription service that works closely with customers to ensure selections are tailored to an individual’s taste.

The rebrand included creating a cohesive system through establishing a spirited brand voice, original photography, social media facelift, developing message-driven ad campaigns, updating the current web/app interfaces, and designing a unique unboxing experience.

Due to the rise of tech-enabled wine services offering personalization options, Winc faced the challenge of differentiating itself from other online competitors in order to appeal to a both a millennial and gen-x audience.
Art Direction/Strategy: Ivan Alvarado, Logan Brannen, Hope Stephens, Selena Contreras
Photography: Ivan Alvarado, Logan Brannen, Nikita Sveshnikov
Website/App: Selena Contreras, Ivan Alvarado, Logan Brannen
Advertising/Copy: Ivan Alvarado, Logan Brannen
Promotional Products: Ivan Alvarado, Logan Brannen
Motion Graphic: Ivan Alvarado

Website & Quiz Update

In order to feel in line with the overall strategy, an editorial themed website was developed. The website includes all original copy and photography, as well as an updated quiz. The quiz itself now focuses on a more direct, yet engaging set of questions for the customer to follow, along with original copy.  

App Design

In order to ensure brand loyalty and provide a refresh on what customers have come to expect, the app was given an update. The app differs from the mobile web site and is customizable for the user. Updates include a blog, a digital cellar with their purchase history, rewards, a personal profile built upon their palette preferences, and a wine label scanner that provides additional information on Winc products.

Social Media Campaign

A visually cohesive Instagram rollout was introduced including the new brand voice, a fresh mosaic style, and our original photography. This campaign also included a series of “rows” that included spotlights on Winc contributors, new product rollouts, and anecdotes titled “Winc Tips.”


With an audience that’s aways on the go, we wanted to target the physical spaces they most often frequent. The campaign consists of subway and wheat paste posters that reflect Winc’s cheeky brand voice.

Unboxing Items and Merchandise

Winc’s current unboxing experience needed to be beefed-up in order meet user expectations for their custom orders. This included a new box, wine tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, custom snack packs, and the creation of a new wine-based hard seltzer product.