Soft Pink Glow

Typography, Editorial, Logo Design
Cheer Up Charlies is a multi-purpose bar/venue located in the Red River Cultural District of downtown Austin, Texas. The space is known for its rotating music acts, work shops, rallies, and their tasty organic libations.

An eccentric type pairing was chosen to capture the makeshift spirit of the bar. Located in an urban environment that is constantly evolving, the pink glow radiating from Cheer Ups is the constant.
To capture the spirit of this Red River rarity, an interview with co-owner Maggie Lea was captured and assembled into an editorial entitled Soft Pink Glow. The interview covers the origins of the bar, its relationship with live music, and its landmark position as a queer home for many in Austin.
Special thanks to owners Maggie Lea, Tamara Hoover, and Cheer Up Charlies.