Branding, Art Direction
Overview + Strategy:
Gusanos is a bar established in the East Side of Austin, Texas. With ownership traced back to Oaxaca, the bar offers a mix of cocktails and eccentric mezcal drinks.

This system includes original copywriting, bar menus, street advertising, a social media campaign, grand opening flyers, and additional promo products.
Gusano, a larva typically found in Mezcal bottles, served as inspiration for the typographic mark. A side note; while there are multiple theories as to why this worm is added to Mezcal, one theory believes it brings good fortune and strength to the drinker who finds it poured into their glass. With a system reflective of Oaxacan colors, a bold display typeface, eccentric colored tiles, and found imagery, Gusanos is a new space not to be forgotten.